For Part Manufacturers

SPARETECH is the reliable digital data platform for part manufacturers to guarantee

  • 100% error-free, and
  • always up-to-date product data
  • in the machine operators’ systems.

For Machine Operators

SPARETECH offers the platform for machine operators to

  • digitize spare part inventories
  • optimize stock in production networks, and
  • reduce purchasing costs with substitute products and multiple sourcing offers


is the digital collaboration platform for part manufacturers and operators

Your product data. Always up to date. For every customer.

SPARETECH solutions diagram

100% data quality. Automated spare part management. Network transparency.


SPARETECH is an innovative industry 4.0 company, founded by Ex-Porsche and Ex-DFKI Managers. With our collaboration platform, we are going to revolutionize how spare part management is done in the future.

Using cutting-edge technologies, languages and tools from the field of semantical data management, big data and automated data processing, we are contributing a valuable puzzle piece for the industry 4.0 vision of a digital twin.

If you are interested in getting to know how you can be part of the solution, learn about our team or check out our news page. And yes, we are hiring!